We’ve over 30 years experience of working with leading international retail groups in the UK, Ireland and abroad. We know what it takes to grow our clients' categories - by learning about their shoppers, developing new and innovative products that meet their needs, being lean and efficient in our operations, and delivering world class supply chain management.

We supply our primal and added-value meats, ready to cook meal solutions, slow cooked meats and much more into chilled and frozen sectors.


Bawnbua Foods have a range of products for the catering and food service industries.

We target both the commercial sector and the cost sector. Within the commercial sector our products are suitable for QSR restaurants, the cash and carry sector, delivered wholesale catering companies and top-end catering businesses.


Bawnbua Foods is one of the leading suppliers of bespoke meat ingredients into the B2B sector. We specialise in the production of tailored beef, poultry, pork and lamb cuts for clients in the ready meals and pie manufacturing sectors. Skilled butchers and continuous investment in our plant and equipment means we have extensive capabilities in mincing, dicing, marinating, curing and other processes.

We are also quickly becoming the leading UK producer of pre-cooked minced and diced meats including our signature cooked diced lamb leg which is slow cooked for 6 hours to guarantee tenderness.