Modern Slavery

Bawnbua Foods is committed to tackling modern slavery, understanding the risks and ensuring not occurring within our own business or supply chain in the financial year 2017-2018. We have embraced the ‘Stronger Together’ initiative, and support the work being done to reduce forced labour and human trafficking and will be attending the next workshop in June 2019.

Bawnbua Foods is a multi-species meat processor which supplies into many of the multinational retailers within the UK and Ireland.  Bawnbua Foods is a registered member of SEDEX and use the platform. Raw materials, ingredients and packaging are sourced from the UK and European Union. All suppliers are subject to approval through acceptance of 3rd party auditing schemes including BRC, and through supplier approval questionnaires, which requires the supplier to disclose information on staff working conditions and if labour recruitment agencies are used that they are GLAA recognized.

All managers or personnel responsible for recruiting staff are aware of the risks of modern slavery and remain diligent in ensuring that it does not affect Bawnbua Foods or the supply chain.

Bawnbua Foods conduct audits a minimum of twice per annum on the recruitment agency used, and regularly check that they are still approved on the GLAA website. Direct employees as well as those from the agency are interviewed to ensure that there are no indications of forced labour within the business

The Technical and Production departments are responsible for the implementation of policies, investigations, due diligence and training. A whistleblowing scheme is also in place within the business, where employees can anonymously report concerns, and details of this can be found in the staff canteen which ensures the information is accessible to all employees.